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Your home is a reflection of you

From hands-on experience, I know that a healthy mind comes from our inner experiences since we cannot control anything or anyone outside of us, with one exception to that rule...

Your environment, the space you spend your time in the most should make you feel amazing, clear, relaxed & refreshed just like you do when you are on a vacation!

You have the power to make your home, just the right kind of perfect for you, and you absolutely can have that holiday vibe everyday, just thank me later!

My inspiration comes from living by the pacific ocean in Australia and the mediterranean in Spain, combined with the character & charm of the British Isle.

The feeling of summer, reminiscent of warm long and light filled days and balmy relaxed and comforting nights capture my signature style. Think cocktails by the pool, sand in your toes and entertaining with friends, enmeshed with clean lines and muted, natural & earthy tones.

Take a look at my design portfolio and if you feel your heart sing, then let's co-create your perfect space together.

A holistic approach

As a former Nurse Psychotherapist turned interior designer my passion for wellness is at the heart of my design.

Using only materials, textures and colours that balance out mood and energies. This creates a space that is uplifting and energising, plus calming and refreshing in all the right places.



Holistic wellbeing begins at home

Style and design have been shown to enhance overall wellbeing. If the space you spend your time in is calm and functional, your mind will be too!

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Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling

- Cecelia Ahern

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